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10x als je dit (grotendeels) kunt afvinken, doe je het top als ouder


Every parent sometimes doubts whether he's doing well. Am I there enough for my child? Don't I work too much? Do I handle it well when he's in a tantrum?

dinsdag, 9 juli, 2019 - 14:11

No worries, you're doing great. Because if you can tick off most of these points, then you don't have to worry about anything. Reassured?

1. You are a star in multitasking
You send an email with one hand with a dike of a presentation to your boss, while with your other hand you change a poop diaper. Meanwhile, you have a pan of food-with-hidden-vegetables on the fire. You've never worked so efficiently in your life. Respect.

2. No one comforts your child as well as you
If your child is intensely sad and doesn't seem to help anything, then you are all he needs. Just cry in your arms or have a kiss on it and everything will be fine. That's a superpower.

3. You are his/her biggest fan
Where your children used to find 'cute', you can't get enough of your own child. You are somewhat holding back, because not all colleagues, cashier girls or people on the train are of course waiting for your photos and stories. But actually you would prefer to show everyone how handsome he is, how well he can roll over and how sweet he looks when he has fallen asleep on the couch.

4. You survive tantrums
They always come at an extremely bad time those meltdowns. In the supermarket, during a dinner with childless friends or if you come across your extremely critical 'girlfriend' from the past. When you think about it, you get warm again. But you survived them all. What about those tantrums that are waiting for you? No problemo!

5. No one knows your child as well as you
From the first moment you follow every movement and sound your child makes. So you're great at reading your kid. Even before he can talk, you know exactly what he means. Well, most of the time. You know what makes him happy and what makes him exciting. The average soothsayer is nothing.

6. Your child is safely in bed every night...
No matter how insanely busy and hectic everything goes, your child lies contentedly in his bed at the end of each day. He laughed, played, learned and ate. And that means you've done your job again today. Nice and busy!

7. ... When you're
exhausted on the couch when you're broken at the end of the day, that's a sign that you've given it your all again. And yes, you must have dropped stitches, but well, everyone's safe in their beds again after a nice day and that's what it's all about. And that was, the administration and that homemade cake, it'll come tomorrow. Or the day after tomorrow.

8. You know exactly what your child is doing, even if you don't see
him Even before he hits his head against the dinner table, you know this is going to happen. Even before that plate of porridge hits the ground, you grab a dishcloth. Ever since you had a kid, it's like you can look into the future. Handy, such a skill!

9. You get itchy when you get
unsolicited advice Actually you know that you are doing well. And that the comments of your neighbor or the greengrocer really don't make any sense. You know very well what's best for your child.

10. You manage to get him to eat
and you really don't have to feel guilty if that food comes out of a jar every now and then. Especially if you go for NaturNes Bio. This is a good organic alternative to all those moments when it is not possible to conjure up a freshly cooked meal. It is on the table in no time and so your child still gets nutrients that he needs.

source: Parents of Now

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